IRC RMC810 Touring Radial Tire [180/55ZR17 M/C 73W R/TL] Made In Japan

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Honest Handling, Reliable Grip force from the beginning of running, All-round Radial with excellent
Wet performance
TouringRadial to respond to All-round from town to Winding road. Smooth handling and high level Dry & wet grip performance.
Generally, when pursuing abrasion resistance, the Grip power decreases, and pursuing Grip force tends to sacrifice wear resistance, whereas is a Tire aiming to demonstrate its performance well with Balance .
Silica compound compound demonstrating high Grip powerBy adopting Compound with Silica mixed in, it realized the temperature rise rate of Top class when compared with general TouringRadial.It demonstrated stable Grip force from the initial run and realized performance to cover everything from Touring to Winding.* Adopted only for ZrRange
Gentle handling and stable feeling with a gentle section shapeFront tire has little profile change from straight to full bank Profile.In Rear tire, we assumed that Large darker Power than the Front, and adopted Large CrownR Profile with stability.By making calm Profile both before and after, you realize stability when going straight and cornering.To Rider that we are not good at turning quick when Cornering, certainly this "Stability" Please feel it.
Secure high drainage at WideGroove in the thick eyeSpoty's thick WideGroove Pattern and Center-to-Shoulder have a small negative ratio (Ratio of groove on Tread surface) By adopting, we secured high drainage performance as well as during straight travel even during Cornering.It can cope with anxiety at the time of touring such as sudden rain due to sudden weather change.In addition, in order to suppress uneven wear, Front tire has a Pattern arrangement opposite to Rear tire.
Tightly using Nylon as Base and Aramid as BeltBase is very thick Nylon cord, Belt adopts a tough and lightweight Aramid code.By using Aramid code of 0 degree Belt structure, supple ride comfort is realized while maintaining rigid feeling.You can enjoy Touring comfortably.

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